About Zefram Media



My name is Jeff Cochran, and I have a passion for storytelling. As a producer,
director, videographer and editor, my skills are at your disposal to tell your
stories. Whether you’re looking to educate your customers with a training
course for your products, would like to engage your audience with a video
included in your email marketing, or are ready to begin generating leads
with a social media campaign, I’m here to help you reach your goals.

Imagine the power of video for your business.


•  Video introduction on your website

•  Video email messages versus a written email

•  Lead a potential customer to your site with a how-to video on social media

•  Educate your customers with training videos

•  Showcase your community and environmental efforts on social media

•  Video of your lectures or product demonstrations



•  Video Production

•  Editing and Post Production

•  Writing and Directing

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Why Zefram?


I’m just going to admit to this now: I’m a geek and I’m a Star Trek fan.


Way back in 2008, I had just left the worst job of my life. And, I was also being asked to do
freelance work. I needed to register a company, and quickly. As I was staring at the
Secretary of State’s web page, I decided I needed something a little more meaningful
than Cochran Media. How boring.


Then I thought about what all this meant to me. Then I thought of one of my favorite storytellers: Gene Roddenberry, and the world he created. Well, within that world was a character who invented the warp drive. The technology that propelled mankind into a new age of exploration and prosperity. His name was Dr. Zefram Cochrane. First, there was the connection to my own name, but it also represented the positive direction I was hoping to take my life. So Zefram Media llc was born. So much better than Cochran Media.