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About Zefram Media

Hello, my name is Jeff Cochran, and I have a passion for

stories and communication. I began my career as a

graphic designer, but part way through my tenure with

a telecom company, I was asked to help in the broadcast

studio. That led me to video production and eventually to

a producer role with one of the largest aviation companies in the world. When the COVID pandemic grounded the airline industry in 2020, my time with that aviation company came to an end.


But that’s okay, because now I have the opportunity to work with so many new and exciting clients developing new and engaging stories to communicate. Whether you’re looking to educate your customer with a training video or create an interesting infographic to add to your social media campaign, I’m here to help you reach your goals.



Trusted by:

Blendification • Boeing • Jeppesen • I4Insight 

DBM Catalyst through the TM Forum

Intuitus Cyber • TSS Photography



Why Zefram? That’s a good question, that comes with a nerdy answer.


When I first started thinking about launching my own company,

I immediately thought of calling it Cochran Media. I know,

really boring.


But I’m also a Star Trek fan. And within the Star Trek universe, there is a character named Zefram Cochrane. He’s the guy who invented the warp drive engine which ushered in a new age of exploration for mankind. Really cool, right!


So, I’m thinking, there’s the connection to my own name, and my career is taking a new path and . . . you get the picture, Zefram Media was born. A much better brand than Cochran Media, don’t you think?

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